Why choose House
of the Bluebird?


Even if you’re lucky enough to have employed a fantastic and skilled team, developed a great product or service, and started to cultivate an audience, there’s always something you need to improve to really rise to the lofty heights that every business aspires to reach. That something, is usually marketing!

Working with digital marketing agencies is the best way to immediately boost your reach – and our team at House of the Bluebird is the best fit for a huge range of businesses, yours included. Here’s how our digital marketing company can help your business grow:


Achieve a wider reach

Online marketing lets you reach a much wider audience of consumers than traditional marketing because digital channels are so accessible, with millions of people spending time online every day. Even just with social media marketing, you’re reaching hundreds of thousands of potential customers, and when user bases differ as much as they do, you’re reaching fresh customers on each new site!


Save money

Traditional marketing methods are generally much more expensive than digital marketing, requiring many more materials to produce. This allows smaller-sized businesses to get their marketing out there, as larger businesses dominate the traditional marketing channels due to their higher marketing budgets. Digital marketing levels the playing field!


Measure your results

With traditional marketing methods, measuring effectiveness can be a pain, as it’s impossible to ask every customer what leads them to your business. Digital marketing on the other hand is easy to track, especially with tools such as Google Analytics. You can find out how many clicks and impressions you’re getting, how many customers you’re converting, and more. These results allow your marketing to be improved and iterated upon to really create something special.


Improve your conversion rates

Digital marketing strategies let you narrow down and target the ideal customer base for your business with personalized ads, which greatly improves the odds of converting customers. CRO (conversion rate optimization) is definitely a worthy investment, as conversions are vital to growing a business.


Use our marketing planner tool

Our in-house tool is one of the major benefits of using our digital marketing services. With it, we can provide you with the best analytics to improve your marketing strategy by working as a marketing manager, all while helping you maximize your productivity. We’re proud of our marketing planning tool, and can’t wait to use it with you, and grow your business even more.