As a child like most Canadians I was brought up a hockey fan. I was taught the ways of the game and shown what Canada’s game is all about. But as I grew I began to watch another game and followed my hometown team the Toronto Blue Jays in some of their darkest days, the Ricciardi era. Originally as I learned about baseball I was one of those fans that lived and died by Saves and RBIs, nothing more evidenced than my purchase of a BJ Ryan jersey. Though as I aged and bettered my knowledge of the game I expanded my parameters and began to get to the roots of Baseball.

At the close of the 2010-2011 offseason, with the Leafs in turmoil and no other sport to turn to I looked to see what was happening in the baseball offseason. With that venture I found the one site that every baseball blogger has come to know MLB Trade Rumors. MLBTR represented my first leap into the baseball blogosphere and a gateway of more to come. From MLBTR I found Blue Jays blogs such as the Tao of Stieb, The Blue Jay Hunter, and the great Blue Jays community site Bluebird Banter. From those sites I learned of stats such as WAR and FIP began to venture further into the baseball blogosphere to find the sabrmetric hub of FanGraphs.

FanGraphs taught of value stats such as WAR as well as predictive stats such as xFIP, SIERA and much more. As well with further indulgence in FanGraphs awesomeness I learned of the way in which to evaluate hitters and pitchers using such statistics as velocity, O-Swing%, SwStr%, UZR and more.

With further knowledge of the game and a newfound love for baseball I founded House of the Bluebird in June 2011 only a few months after I truly found the baseball blogosphere. Since then I have grown as writer and have been featured multiple times on MLB Trade Rumors and Drunk Jays Fans. I hope to continue writing and pursuing something I enjoy and I thank all those who continue to read this one Jays fan’s opinion.