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What Do Bearded Dragons Like To Eat The Most?

Pogonas or better known as bearded dragons, are a genus of reptiles which basically consists of eight lizard species. The name given to these animals, “bearded dragons” essentially refers to the beard of the dragon that can be found around the chin of the pogona or at the underside of the throat. These beards often… Read More »

Where Do Chickens and Roosters Live?

If you are new to growing the chicken in your home, then you need to build a chicken coop by yourself or you can buy it through pet stores. Normally, people who know basic woodworking skill will be easy and it won’t be tough or hard for them to build on their own. If you… Read More »

Emilio Bonifacio is Fast: A GIF Compilation

Photo Courtesy of james_in_to via Flickr When the Blue Jays acquired Emilio Bonifacio in the Marlins Trade back in early November, we knew he was fast, but the question was, how fast? In last night’s 10-8 win over the Cleveland [redacted]s, shortly after Colby Rasmus‘ home run, Emilio Bonifacio intended to show us just how fast he really… Read More »

Evaluating the R.A. Dickey Trade

As Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star wrote on Monday, the Blue Jays reached an extension with R.A. Dickey that is reportedly worth $25 million for 2 years with a team option for $12 million in 2016. The extension was the final piece of the puzzle and it completed the Jays/Mets trade that was reportedly agreed upon in… Read More »

A Guide to Steve Delabar and The Steve Delabar Story

When the Blue Jays traded Eric Thames for relief pitcher Steve Delabar midseason I had little to no knowledge of who he was or what he could do. To me Delabar seemed like any other relief pitcher, but as time wore on I found him to be quite a tantalizing and fascinating player. He is 6 foot 5 and 220… Read More »

Hindsight is 20/20: The Scott Rolen Trade

Official Transaction: Three years ago today, July 31st 2009, the Blue Jays sent Scott Rolen and $4 million to the Cincinnati Reds for Edwin Encarnacion, Josh Roenicke, and Zach Stewart. The Situation: At the time of the trade Scott Rolen was 34 years old and in the midst of a typical Rolenesque season. He had a 121 wRC+ and was playing… Read More »

The Problem with Brett Lawrie

Brett Lawrie is many things…a baseball player, a Canadian, a Red Bull connoisseur, and an extreme purveyor of the mindset many call #Want. The Merriam-Webster English Dictionary defines want as “to desire to come, go, or be”. However in the baseball sense Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus defines #want as “the manifestation of human desire and physical yield; when… Read More »

Teams with Former Jays on their Rosters

Over at Beaneball, a fantastic A’s blog, Jason Wojciechowski put up an interesting post this morning in which he went through the major league rosters of all the MLB teams to see which rosters contained a former Athletics player. Because I’m a curious person I would have looked at the same thing for the Blue Jays anyways, but… Read More »