Where Do Chickens and Roosters Live?

By | October 4, 2019

Where Do Chickens and Roosters Live?

If you are new to growing the chicken in your home, then you need to build a chicken coop by yourself or you can buy it through pet stores. Normally, people who know basic woodworking skill will be easy and it won’t be tough or hard for them to build on their own. If you are completely new to it, then you need a detailed plan to build a coop which is really important if you don’t have an experience of building like these. There are lots of chicken and rooster coop plan which is available on the internet which you can refer them.

How to build the right chicken coop?

Where Do Chickens and Roosters Live?

Before starting the plan, it is very important to know what makes a best chicken coop. A coop is not just a shelter and it is the house for your chickens to live. Just like human’s house there should be happiness and healthiness which should be highly influenced in your chicken coop. That is why it is very important to know these things before you build one for your chickens.

·         Decide the size of the coop

  1. In general, the thumb rule is for one chicken it requires 3 to 4 square feet of space in the coop so if you are planning to have 3 chickens then you need 12 square feet of coop where i.e. 3×4, 6×2 or bigger than this.
  2. Also if you plan to coop them all the time then you need 10 square feet minimum each. If coop is small your chicken won’t be happy in that also coop will get smell really fast if your chicken is stressed out, if it is stressed it will peck each other and they will get sick and eventually it may die.
  3. If you plan technically to provide less than 3 square feet then most of the time it should be in outdoor.
  4. For smaller bantam breed you only require 2 square feet instead of 4.

·         Decide the location

  1. When choosing the location for your chicken coop there should be sunshine and shade where chicken need natural sunlight but not all day.
  2. There should be a nice flow of air to flow and avoid places where exposed strong wind will be, under a tree will be often good place to keep the coop and it should be easy to access and need to check the coop 2 times per day or more.
  3. Don’t place the coop too close to your house or your neighbours because there will be a smell and noises which will me bade by your chickens.
  4. Majorly don’t decide the location right away monitor the area at least one week to make sure there is no major problem for your chicken and a coop.

·         Plan the coop

  1. Coop is not a wall or roof to protect your chicken there are things on inside and outside to keep your chicken alive and healthy.
  2. Nesting box should be there where your hens will lay their eggs. You need to have at least 1 box per 2 hens with the size of 10 to 20 inches greater than the ground level.
  3. Window or ventilation should be there in the coop or else your chicken will get ill easily if there is no proper light and ventilation.
  4. Feeder and waterer is compulsory inside the coop.

Also your best chicken coop needs perch area where chickens love to sleep on perch. In addition to the shelter in an outdoor fence area is important to keep your chicken to be happy by run. Dust bath box should be there where it needs to clean themselves with the dust to stay healthy. Poop boards place it below the perching area, where it will save you a lot of time in cleaning the coop. in winter warm lights should be there which can boost egg production.

Best chicken coop plans

Where Do Chickens and Roosters Live?

  • Urban chicken coop – This is a perfect coop, where you don’t need any large space or if you are not going to raise lots of chickens in your coop. It is easy to build the best chicken coop with the dimension of 6×3 where the ideal capacity of the coop is 5 chickens and it is easy to build.
  • Natalie’s chicken coop – For this plan it needs the dimension of 8×3.5 feet where the ideal capacity of the chicken is 7 and it is little tough to build.
  • Palace chicken coop – This coop will be large enough with 10 square feet easily for chicken to get around. The dimension required for this is 6×4 feet for shelter and the ideal capacity of the chickens are 6.
  • South city coop – It is little difficult to build the required dimension is 6×3 feet and the ideal capacity of the chicken is 5.
  • Free chicken coop – The required dimension for this is 6×4 feet and the ideal capacity of the chicken is 6 which are also very easy to build.

Effective plan for best chicken coop

Where Do Chickens and Roosters Live?

You should consider these four points for the best chicken coop and they are,

  • Maintenance – Where your chicken coop should be easy to maintain and should have cleaning facilities.
  • Ventilation – A good design should have good ventilation with at least 2 windows and one door openings in the coop.
  • Security – A good design will have some kind of metal wire fence along the chicken house to protect your birds from the predators.
  • Construction materials – High calibre wood should be used to construct the best chicken coop to give more durability. Because it undergoes many weather condition so using high calibre materials will help your chickens to survive longer.

Also make sure it has sufficient space to roam around because chicken doesn’t like to stay in one place. If there is a lack of sufficient space for them then it will get stressed out easily and get sick after that it will die eventually. Therefore, while you’re planning to build the best chicken coop for your chickens consider all the points above which will help you to build the chicken coop and it will also help you to grow your chicken and survive it to live.