Emilio Bonifacio is Fast: A GIF Compilation

By | April 16, 2013

Emilio Bonifacio is Fast: A GIF Compilation

Photo Courtesy of james_in_to via Flickr

When the Blue Jays acquired Emilio Bonifacio in the Marlins Trade back in early November, we knew he was fast, but the question was, how fast?

In last night’s 10-8 win over the Cleveland [redacted]s, shortly after Colby Rasmus‘ home run, Emilio Bonifacio intended to show us just how fast he really is. He did a rather remarkable thing on the base paths, he turned what looked like a very routine ground ball up the middle, a single for most any player in baseball, into a double…and he did it without any hesitation.

The GIFs are after the jump.

The initial hit looks very routine. Michael Bourn wasn’t slow to field the ball, yet still by the end of the clip you see him hurry up to try and get the throw in to the cutoff man, who doesn’t even attempt to throw out Bonifacio at second base.

Bonifacio didn’t hesitate one bit going around first base, he had a double in mind.

Bonifacio’s signature celebration, the Lo Viste sign.

Michael Bourn, one of the fastest base runners in baseball, was in shock after the play.

As you may have guessed, speed in baseball amazes me. While it’s always nice to see Jose Bautista or Edwin Encarnacion hit a long home run, it’s much rarer to see such game changing speed; especially in this day and age. Bonifacio’s double was a speed-related treat, one of many we may see this season from the likes of Bonifacio, Reyes, and Rajai Davis.

Hat tip to @coolhead2010 for pointing out the play.

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Emilio Bonifacio is Fast: A GIF Compilation

Photo Courtesy of Keith Allison via Flickr